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Yalile Fadul - Colombian Painter and Sculptor - Bilingual Art Clases for Children & Adults








I was born in Bogota, Colombia, South America where I now reside.

In Bogotá or in any place in the world, I am inspired by everything and sometimes by very little or even nothing... I just paint!

I am always eager to feel, to fly, to paint and to sculpt, I simply paint without thinking!

Color, form, figures,love, take a leading role in my art because painting is to love, to laugh and cry... painting means to be alive!




My paintings come from the remembrance of the past and the hopes for the future; from the cries and laughter of my students and finally from the children’s shining eyes fill of life and happiness, innocence, hope and kindness.

My teachers encouraged me to transmit my thoughts and illusions through different art techniques with discipline and persistence. Now, for me, teaching is one of the pleasures in life that I completely enjoy. I do believe I am a good teacher. As I transmit my knowledge to my students, in a similar way the students feed my ideas and imagination. I really become emotionally involved when I am painting. My work sometimes is fanciful and real, it is classified into the fantastic and realistic movement. I combine my dreams and fantasies with vivid colors. At the same time, you can find nostalgic emotions within my art.

I have done several collective and individual exhibitions in various cities in Colombia, including Bogotá, Cartagena and Cali, and in the United States in Georgetown and Washington DC.




diseña, Tuchi Ramírez

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